• Luxury Bedding WOW

    In LOVE with JG Switzer's luxury blankets!

  • Luxury Bedding WOW

    JG Switzer

    Luxury Blanket

    Did you know we spend nearly a third of our lives in bed – so to me, my bed is my personal sanctuary, one I like to pay special attention to.

    So, I am always trying different luxury bedding set and brands – to see which work best for me.
    I like elegant, classy and very well-made bedding. I like my blankets to have a smooth texture, be wonderfully soft to touch, comfortable, cozy and incredibly warm.

    Over the years I’ve found what makes a good blanket or any other luxury bedding item good – simply comes down to the raw materials used.

    The better the raw materials, surely higher the price, but also higher the comfort and longer the utility. So, I now treat luxury bedding like an investment. Something I can snug into every day, and something which keeps going strong for decades if not more.

    So, I may spend more today, but over the years the investment more than pays off, and I get to sleep like a queen every night! 😉

    I only like it if a luxury bedding brand has exclusive artful designs, the ones you can’t find anywhere else. This is one I’m just in love with from JG Switzer luxury blanket – can’t wait to get it next!!


  • 5 Luxury Blankets and Throws fit for a Queen!

    Here are some highly rated and reviewed, 5 luxury blankets and throws fit for a Queen from JG Switzer.
    These luxury throws and blankets are milled in England’s oldest mill in continuous operation since 1783. The mill even carries a Royal Warrant to Windsor Castle.
    You’ll fall in love at first sight with these blankets. At least that’s what happened to me! Made with the finest and softest Cashmere wool, Lambswool and Merino wool. Finished and framed in four inches of silk charmeuse, these blankets seem to be made to last forever.
    You know my mother in law gave me a luxury throw for my bed over 15 years ago and this blanket is still serving in our family. I feel that the best luxury throws or luxury blanket throws are the ones which last for over a generation.
    Not to mention, you can go to sleep every night feeling like a true queen. Nothing quite gives me the same sweet dreams as sleeping in the most luxurious blankets. Sign the small joys in life – sleeping in a blanket which never lets you to get out of bed!

  • Luxury Real Fur Blankets, Throws & Pillows made with Authentic Toscana Sheep Fur

    If you’re looking for real fur blankets, luxury fur blankets or luxury fur throws, be sure you view this collection from JG Switzer!
    Their fur collection has the type of fur I like the most, with rich texture, feels super soft and is super fluffy. They make their collection from upcycled pieces of Spanish Toscana Sheep fur. Toscana sheepskin are amongst the finest in the world, with beautiful long fur, which is lighter, softer and warmer when compared to most other fur or sheep skin blankets.
    Naturally colored by mother nature – these luxurious authentic fur blankets, throws and fur pillows are available In Truffle Brown Fur, Natural Black Fur and Real Grey-White Fur.
    I got the real fur blanket in queen size, but they also have it in king size, and they also have a luxury fur throw – all made from the same gorgeous Toscana sheep fur.

  • Behold Beauty in a Black. Now Voyager Luxury Throw Blanket

    All I can say for this blanket is just wow. I’ve had luxury throw blanket too many, but this one is my favorite ever from JG Switzer!

    Made with a super soft blend of Cashmere and Lambswool, this luxury blanket is framed in four inches of pure silk charmeuse. Not to mention the stunning gold and rose striped border – OMG I couldn’t get it out of my head since the first time I saw it!!

    If you’re looking for a luxury plush blanket or a luxury travel blanket – the Now Voyager is for you!
    It was a bit expensive when I saw it for the first time, but now that I have it and get to wrap myself in it each and every night – it’s worth every penny, and then some!!
    Even when I travel, it’s always too cold on the plane. So, I make sure I take my own Voyager along on the voyage – it’s priceless!
    Also, if remember correctly this luxury wool blanket is milled in one of the oldest operating mills in England since 1783 that holds a Royal Warrant to Windsor Castle. If that doesn’t make you feel like a queen, I don’t know what will.

  • Cashmere Blankets fit for a Royal

    I love a good cashmere blanket – and I’m in love with these cashmere blankets from JG Switzer!!
    Cashmere is well known as the most luxurious & expensive wool. It’s famous for its durability and longevity. It is incredibly soft and lightweight. Amongst any other luxury wool, cashmere is known to be the softest and finest.
    I got the Hollywood Ava blanket from this list. What I love about the blanket beyond how it looks and feels of course (which I’m in love with) – is that they’re a blend of cashmere and lambswool.
    This I think only adds to the goodness – by keeping the price as competitive as possible, as far as cashmere blankets go. I’ve had a cashmere blanket which was over $2000 – compared to which this one is a steal!
    I think these blankets are milled in England, at one of the oldest operating mills in the world. If I remember correctly this mill also supplies to Windsor Castle! Who knows – maybe the queen and me are using a similar cashmere blanket! 😊

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